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from Globals import InitializeClass
from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo
from Products.Archetypes.public import RichWidget
from Products.Archetypes.Registry import registerWidget

class RemoteTextWidget(RichWidget):
    _properties = RichWidget._properties.copy()
        'macro' : 'remotetext_widget',

    # what to handle now where?
    # customization; triggering upload
    # all in process_form?
    # or do we customize via an extra button with custom action?
    # wouldn't an empty value be sufficient for the non-customized case?
    security = ClassSecurityInfo()

    def process_form(self, instance, field, form, empty_marker=None,
        Basic impl for form processing in a widget plus setting
        additional values used by our associated field
        value = form.get(field.getName(), empty_marker)
        if value is empty_marker:
            return empty_marker
        if emptyReturnsMarker and value == '':
            return empty_marker

        ## now check to see if we need to take care of some
        ## extra values
        stname = "%s_source_type" % field.getName()
        spname = "%s_source_path" % field.getName()
        stype = form.get(stname, None)
        spath = form.get(spname, None)
        if stype:
            field.setSourceType(instance, stype)
        if spath:
            field.setSourcePath(instance, spath)
        return value, {}    


               title="Remote Text Widget",
               description="Populate a field from a remote source",

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