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ATExtensions::field::record::RecordField Class Reference

Inherits Products::Archetypes::Field::ObjectField.

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Detailed Description

A field that stores a 'record' (dictionary-like) construct

Definition at line 31 of file record.py.

Public Member Functions

def get
def getSubfieldLabel
def getSubfieldMaxlength
def getSubfields
def getSubfieldSize
def getSubfieldType
def getSubfieldViews
def getViewFor
def getVocabularyFor
def hideEmail
def isRequired
def isSelection
def labelFax
def labelPhone
def set
def testSubfieldCondition
def validate
def validate_validators

Static Public Attributes

tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _decode_strings
def _encode_strings
def _subfieldValidationLayer
def _to_dict
def _validationLayer

Static Private Attributes

tuple _properties = ObjectField._properties.copy()

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